• No swearing, racist, sexual, religion, or political chat.
  • No trolling, hate speech, or otherwise disrupting chat
  • No spamming or using caps excessively.
  • No advertising of other servers or products. (Immediate Permanent Ban)
  • No dangerous links. (Immediate Permanent Ban)
  • Do not try bypass the chat filter.
  • Do not ask for OP, ranks, items from staff.
  • No discussing punishment’s in chat.
  • Keep chat family friendly

Warning → 1 day mute → 7 day mute→ 30 day mute→ Permanent mute


  • Cheating is not allowed on this server. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is considered cheating (mods, hacked clients, afk clicking, duplicating item generators, etc.) – If you were banned for AFKClicking but were not, please submit an appeal.
  • No banned items.

7 day ban → Permanent

Trading real life money for in game items

  • This is simple. Don’t do it.

Permanent ban


  • PVP is enabled in the wilderness (Earth), Resource, Nether, and the end!
  • Anything in the *Wild is not griefing and is fair game (abandoned towns are considered *Wild).
  • Lavacasting (Pouring lava over a large area for the sake of trolling or not allowing others to claim) areas is not allowed
  • To prevent griefing, make sure your chest is located in your town or has a sign on it.
  • Do not build or grief the land near spawn or warps.

1 day ban → 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban


  • I have no tolerance for scamming. Scamming is defined as to obtain something, (such as money or items) by deceiving the other player.

7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban


  • No chunk loaders (alts are OK for now)

Staff Rules

I made the staff rules transparent for accountability. If a staff member is abusing these rules please DM CheapCheap#9609 I will therefore review the evidence decide further action.

  • Be responsible with the privileges you are given as a staff member
  • Do not spawn blocks or items for other players
  • When trading, only buy and sell legitimately obtained items
  • Do not store anything that is illegitimately obtained (for example, in chests)
  • No power abuse. Use appropriate commands to players breaking the rules (Example, do not perm ban someone when a temp mute or temp ban would have been better)
  • Do not favor one player over the other. All players must be treated the same
  • Remember, the goal of this server is to create a fun and friendly environment. You as a staff member are here to help the players